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That depends entirely on your own personal preferences. With the Spec V, your main concern is that 5 by 7 inches opening. Still not found what you've been looking for? Have a look at these rimless tanks! Images Credits: 1. Leave this field empty. I would say that the Aqua One Reflex Nano 13 also deserves a mention. The LED light has blue light and white light to create a sense of night. Furthermore the finish is simply great quality.

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Thanks for this! In some of the videos the narrator owner calls a fish bayta when in fact it should be betta. Bayta was a form of TV recording device made by Sony decades ago and is also a letter in the Greek alphabet. It does not however, name a fish species. Do you know of a a way to fix this or get around this other than buying a different light?

So many tanks now have this type of switch for the lighting. Thanks for any help you can provide. The way around this is to use an appliance timer. Digital timers have no moving parts. Just program the on and off periods with a press of a button. Share Tweet Pin.

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What Is It? In fact, some people who own larger tanks buy a nano aquarium to add to their collection. That makes a nano cube aquarium a much better option for a dorm or a small apartment than a sprawling gallon tank. That means there are fewer chances that they get in the way and you can also just put them on your desk. Weight becomes an issue when you start talking about gallon tank systems, as your floor may not be able to handle all that weight. With nano tanks, some are even so lightweight that you can change its location every few days with no trouble.

The maintenance is also easier. But such a small size does lead to several serious issues: The first obvious limitation is the size and number of the fish you can put inside. By the way, are these terms considered politically correct? For example, if you put too much food then the extra food become food for bacteria which can pollute such a small place much more quickly. But a bigger tank dilutes the effects of these mistakes. Accidents can also have much quicker disastrous results.

For example, consider the prospect of a failed water heater. In a bigger tank, the change in the temperature occurs over a much longer period. For a nano system, it only takes several hours. So if a heater fails right after you go out to dinner, you may well end up coming home to dead fish. Who Is It For?

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Fluval Flex Fluval Flex all-in-one aquariums are designed for freshwater fishkeeping. More at Amazon. Pros Easy, all-in-one aquarium system. Filtration system is effective. Dual water flow outlets.

Energy-efficient LED lighting. Cons Does not include a heater.

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Aquarium cover is not hinged. Water pump flow rate is not adjustable. Some aquarists don't like the curved glass distortion effect. It looks great, as the design is quite modern and sleek. The curved glass looks wonderful and the glass cover is of high quality. The pump is quiet, which also suits a work environment. You can also adjust the flow of the filter pump. Pros It offers a large amount of space compared to the others, yet its dimensions are still suitable for a desk.

The pump is very quiet, which really suits the office environment. The price is a steal, considering the overall features and the quality of the build. Cons The light may not be strong enough for some live plants.

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Pros Half of the reviewers give it full marks for its design, and for how easy it is to set up. Cons The other half give it the lowest rating because the acrylic scratches easily and the build quality is poor. Pros It looks remarkable. The filtration system is extremely effective, so maintenance becomes much easier. The build quality is excellent, as it seems built to last. And if you have large hands, that can be a problem. Pros You have everything you really need to start with, as long as you make sure that you pick a small fish that can thrive in room temperature water.

The care guide is very helpful for the setup and maintenance. The filter is great too. This is often the main weakness in affordable beginner tanks, but the one here does the job. It looks fantastic, even as is. Cons To maximize the aesthetics, you will have to buy the rocks and the other decorative items. Pros The 3-watt filter pump works well for one or two starter fish. Its water flow can also be adjusted by a simple slider. The 39 LED lights only consume 6 watts. It comes with a 1-year warranty with phone support for US customers.

It comes with a water sensor too. The nano size is just right. The glass and multicolor LEDs are a killer combination. The setup can be a problem. The temperature is in Celsius.

Pros It looks great, even if it does use plastic. The price is truly affordable. The light works well. Cons There are a lot of complaints online regarding getting defective parts upon delivery. You may have to upgrade the filter if it seems inadequate for the size of the tank. Marineland Silhouette Square Glass Aquarium Kit, 3-Gallon Imagine a regular fish tank, except its design includes half of a huge black wristband covering the top, one side, and the bottom of the tank.

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Pros It looks unique and actually quite cool, and the lights really look great. The filter is quite and out of the way. You may have to adjust the filter flow, as even its lowest setting may be too disturbing for bettas. Pros Everything looks great. The design is compact and sleek, the filter mechanics are at the back, and the light is just bright enough not to be too harsh. In addition to these tanks, we are also pleased to offer further Fluval aquariums, including the Roma , Vicenza , Venezia and EVO tanks here. If you have any questions or need help choosing the right aquarium for your needs then just let us know and we'll be more than happy to advise.

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