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By continuing to use our site, you accept our Privacy Policy. More information Agree. Posted 25th Oct Posted 25th Oct. Looks a decent deal for a nice car.

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Includes delivery, so no travelling to dealership to pick up. Can also be configured for 24 straight payments… Read more. GoldenNugget I'm sure if he was trade he wouldn't be asking..? Did you mean that? Posted 23rd Oct Posted 23rd Oct.


Just ordered one of these as a low mileage pool car. Had dozens of cars from Mad Sheep for my business and family over the years. No 42 Get deal Get deal. You know, luck and maintenance. MrVee You can keep the depreciation its on me. I know how much a new DSG box costs and I'll be honest I have very little mechanical sympathy from minute 1 of ownership ; thelondontrader Not sure about repairs. Skoda Superb 2.

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Had a few requests for another Skoda offering, this time the Superb hatchback. Spec looks pretty decent for the price, and this includes 10K mileage per annum which may be more sui… Read more. SteHuz90 They will be on this, its the SE model. KIA Xceed Hatchback 1. SFconvert I assumed everything that anything that isn't a wear item or consumable would be covered. Never miss a 'Car Leasing' deal again! Receive notifications for all new deals matching this alert! Activate Alert. Posted 19th Oct Posted 19th Oct.

Alfa Gulia 2. GoldenNugget Fair enough, you've made him look a right mug lol disagree though, fixed paddles are a nightmare for me. Mooseville They have it right for their target market - people like you but richer. Skoda Octavia Diesel Hatchback 2. Great price for this Octavia Hatchback, featuring a 2. Posted 17th Oct Posted 17th Oct.

Not sure what additional options the stock vehicles come with.

Poopants1 Heat! Posted 11th Oct Posted 11th Oct. Nissan Qashqai SUV 2wd 1. IamChris so I am in desperate need of a new car but I really know very little about them. SFconvert It's on leasing. I don't know how genuine it is bit there are a couple of suppliers at that price, 8k miles pa margamboy First First week of September they had 3 stock vehicles all the same colour and spec.

I'm honestly interested in this! Posted 10th Oct Posted 10th Oct. Plenty of SUV deals going at the moment - but this caught my eye due to no upfront deposit.

Seems a good cheap deal for 3 years. Includes metallic paint options. Pisnahuj 8k miles why the hell would i want a shopping car lol lol You can't even go anywhere with it Lots of Qashqai deals recently on here, but this seems like a good deal to me. Nice spec and a big family car imho. Vertus Le… Read more.

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Deedie I will need to remember that wee trick for the my next lease scaryrobert I done my 1st year service a week late. Cheap motoring for 2 years.

Lots of variants of this deal. DJBenz So many mis-prices lately, it's almost like they want the enquiries so they can try and sell you something else Posted 9th Oct Posted 9th Oct. Nissan Qashqai 1. So i've been on the lookout for a Qashqai for the wife for a couple of months now and this deal came up. I've already ordered one and should be with me by the end of the month so n… Read more. Even better. Brings all the black plastics up like new. Posted 7th Oct Posted 7th Oct. Skoda Kodiaq 1. JDC84 Get deal Get deal. SonsOfDog embarrassed lol lol lol lol embarrassed lol lol JonesOsmosis But, do you get to keep it at the end of the lease?

MrMoonX you know when your car is sat at work or at home overnight doing sweet FA.

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Posted 6th Oct Posted 6th Oct. DJBenz Mine's still under warranty, but they won't honour it as they say it's wear and tear. Posted 5th Oct Posted 5th Oct. Nissan Juke 1. Alexxx31 So now when the deal is over and you sorry ones started to realised that for that price it wasnt that ugly car at all huh. Posted 1st Oct Posted 1st Oct. Chanchi32 Get deal Get deal. SFconvert The Ioniq will only charge at 7.

Posted 28th Sep Posted 28th Sep. Chanchi32 99 Get deal Get deal. Posted 25th Sep Posted 25th Sep. Volvo S90 Saloon 2. I havent run the lease vs. Base model spec but that still comes with tons of toys and Wha… Read more. GrimDanFango Get deal Get deal. GrimDanFango The lead time on these was supposed to be Dec 19 because they're already in production, at least that was the case when I posted this deal originally.

cheap deals on new cars in uk Cheap deals on new cars in uk
cheap deals on new cars in uk Cheap deals on new cars in uk
cheap deals on new cars in uk Cheap deals on new cars in uk
cheap deals on new cars in uk Cheap deals on new cars in uk
cheap deals on new cars in uk Cheap deals on new cars in uk
cheap deals on new cars in uk Cheap deals on new cars in uk
cheap deals on new cars in uk Cheap deals on new cars in uk

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