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Sunday at PM fathergll. Parry Oct 9, 91 92 Replies 3K Views K. Sunday at PM iancarm Sunday at AM gizlaroc. Replies 6 Views Sunday at AM Rob Cyan whites. Replies 2 Views Saturday at PM jpr Compensation cycles helping to reduce image retention. Replies 3 Views Saturday at AM gibbsy.

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Richer sounds free sky q offer. Replies 1 Views Thursday at PM pesser. Question Dedicated TV Room - what to get? Stephent 67 Thursday at AM. Thursday at PM Stephent Wednesday at PM dion 6. Wednesday at PM razer za lazer. OLED burn-in checker.

Wednesday at PM iancarm Faulty OLED display. AFergus Oct 19, Replies 10 Views If you're going to be around Worcester, MA on November 10th, swing out to Westborough to meet up with local Head-Fi'ers, talk music, and demo awesome gear.

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CanJam Returns to Shanghai November , CanJam Shanghai is quickly approaching, but there is still time to grab tickets. Stop by this thread to pick up your copy before the sale is gone. Singxer SDA-2 Review by crabdog. The transparency, tightness and precision is very difficult to fault, too, " writes Zelda. Stop by this review to read about the ME's " lively presentation.

There's a Head-Fi meet happening near Nashville on November 3rd, and if you will be in the area make sure to stop by. Get together with fellow Head-Fi'ers and try a wide range of gear. Details here. I've heard tales that as there's very little 4K content out there past Blu-Rays that a lot of the 4K TVs upscaling of the picture looks like crap. I would assume that with this price point it wouldn't be that much of an issue, but I still want to know. The guy at Best Buy said this TV has the highest processor so it can handle the upscaling better than the LGs, but he didn't say anything on the normal LEDs and how they did.

My old TV died in a water damage that I wrote about in another thread.

The research

Insurance is picking up the bulk of the price so I'm not too worried about the cost. Gaming on it is a must. Thanks for reading..

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May 14, 2, 43 Additionally since you are interested in x1x you'll want to wait for a TV that support variable refresh rate. Only Samsung recently at CES was the only one with a press release saying they'll support it. If your current TV is fine, nothing wrong with it then stick with it. Reactions: drifter and Skel. Feb 21, 5, If my TV died, I'd have two choices.

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OLED is the only technology that has true blacks, and given typical lighting in a typical house, relatively low peak brightness of OLED tvs is not a problem. Seriously, turn on you TV in the evening after sun goes down and put black image on your TV. Unless there are lights directly over your TV, more than likely your TV image will be gray whereas it's supposed to be black.

Reactions: Skel. GoodRevrnd Diamond Member. Dec 27, 6, There were also no significant advances in LG panels this year, although they did add high frame rate. And if you're lucky we'll also see the next generation of LG panels next year. Yes, the Sony is a fair bit better, but I think not worth the cost with looming tech advancements. Last edited: Jan 31, First and foremost..

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Thank you for the feedback. Every time I think I have a clue I learn more and start over.. I miss the days when I'd just buy a Sony Trinitron and call it awesome..

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  • GoodRevrnd said:. Yes, the Sony processor is quite a bit better. I just wouldn't want to spend that much money right now with HDMI 2. The LG adds fps and a much improved processor. That said, it's basically the same panel we've had the last 2 years. I don't know what's new for Sony this year but they use LG panels so it'll be the same drawbacks to buying now. I only mentioned getting the C7 because you could get a badass TV for not crazy expensive and based on your budget it wouldn't sting too badly to upgrade it in years. The better play is probably to go for a decent quality ultra cheap set like a TCL or whatever is hot these days and upgrade in years.

    Hell, QLED could be interesting by then as well. AVSForum if you want to deep dive on all this. Last edited: Feb 1, OlyAR15 Senior member. Oct 23, 28 I don't play games on it that is what my gaming PC is for , so I never bothered looking into latency of the set, but the picture quality is amazing. This should last me a long while. DaveSimmons Elite Member. Aug 12, 40, Inky blacks are nice to have, the brightness is fine I've turned mine way down from the factory setting and upscaling of DVDs and blu-rays looks great.

    see One thing the models fixed was input lag, so as long as you get a or instead of a you should be safe from that. Feb 17, 2 I have the 55" Sony A1E. It is beautiful. Even with SDR content, the contrast is high, and this is especially noticeable in a dark room where a dark scene truly feels like no lights are on. The video processing is also worth having to make the most of content that is sub-native i.

    I previously had a middling range Sony LED TV from with good processing for the time and I think this feature is often overlooked but I notice whenever I'm forced to view content on a TV with more limited processing capabilities.

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