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Many customers ask us for the cheapest price for their specific choice of model and optional extras - which is fine with us - we're always happy to quote for that; but here's something else you could consider asking us: "What similar models have EXTRA discount at the moment"?

We always have a "Hit List" of further reduced cars - these models could be classed as "Very Cheap" or a "No Brainer" by comparison.

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Sometimes it's a lease or PCP deal, other times it's an all cash or loan purchase - but we often shock customers who have no idea that such "last minute" reductions such as this are possible. For the latest Hit List, just SMS "callme" to or Call dealers usually forbid us sending a Hit List by email, so calling us is best. A Personal Loan is provided to salaried or sometimes self-employed and retired individuals for personal use such as buying a new car , often on an unsecured basis. Repayments are fixed monthly installments, which you can calculate online search for "Personal Loan Calculator".

No mortgage of assets or guarantee is required for personal loan - you qualify or you don't. Online personal loans are offered by many sources, there's minimal paperwork and verification time required - so a personal loan is quick and simple to arrange once approved, you receive the funds usually within a few days. One BIG advantage is that buying with a Personal Loan means you own your car outright from day one - no one can take it away. Another advantage is that you can change the car when YOU choose - not when the lender stipulates.

A third benefit is that you can end repay the loan anytime YOU choose - there are no penaties or extra interest to pay.

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I suspect this one may be my last as I'm now 82! We all thank you for your excellent care and attention throughout - and for the professionalism of the Main Dealers you introduced. Feel free to publish this letter as I am keen to spread the word. I have no doubt that my son will be in touch with you before long!

We act as "Middle Man". The Discount, Price, Specification and Availability must be checked and confirmed before placing a firm order.

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We always act in good faith - we list the specs and discount price we expect you to pay to the Main Dealer. Broadspeed Ltd generally acts as negotiator and introduction agent not as a vehicle Seller or Lender. Once we introduce the Dealer, please double-check that the spec on the Order Form matches your requirement.

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We're paid a dealer fee too; this is included within any price we quote. Microbus VW I. Request Free Quote. We helped more than 50, customers save money First Est.

About Us Broadspeed was first established in - we've been continuously online since All Trans Auto Manual. All Tax Discs are Included. Telephone New Mazda 6 2. Text SMS Whatsapp Alfa Romeo.

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Land Rover. Request Callback. Click Here to Close X. Privacy Policy: Broadspeed Ltd retains your personal details for the minimum period necessary to carry out your instructions and requirements this is typically days, and no more than 60 days. Thereafter, your personal details are deleted. We do not share your details with any third party without your expressed permission or instructions.

We do not sell personal details to any third party for any reason. We will not email, text or call you unless you give us permission to do so and only in connection with your enquiry. If you have any concerns or questions about privacy, please dial and ask to speak to our Privacy Officer or Managing Director. Your agreement to comply with and be bound by these terms and conditions is deemed to occur upon your first and subsequent use of the Web Site.

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As such, all prices, discounts, deals or offers must be checked and confirmed with the Dealer before you proceed in any way. Please do not rely solely on this site to place your order. I know you shouldn't live your life by "what if" but now if I can't afford to pay cash for something I don't buy it and that includes cars. Had my last one for 7 years and if I was to lease a car it would only be if I had the full amount of the lease in savings.

I wasn't like that in my younger years lol. It is each to their own but many people don't want a 5 year old car and the worry about possible expensive maintenance and high repair costs. Repair costs, breakdowns etc are a lottery where second hand cars are concerned and even BMW and Audi's breakdown.

I for one agree with you but I can look after my cars in the most part where maintenance is concerned but even I have to get a garage to do the odd repair. I have always been against leasing for me but actually advised my son to do a lease deal which he did and got himself a brand new st line fiesta. He can't do his own car repairs and him doing a lease means I don't get calls to repair it.

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I will only buy a car if I can buy it cash so no finance. You have to think about when you get older it's not sometimes as easy to get a new job should you suddenly find yourself unemployed so that makes me cautious and wouldn't want a lease wrapped round my neck for that reason. If I was 20 years younger then fine but it all comes down to what you want, how much you can pay and what you have to either part exchange or put in as cash.

You also have to weigh up the part exchange depreciation compared to the lease cost. For people who like nothing but new then leasing is possibly cheaper. For me who buys cars at 3 to 4 years old I am better off buying. I don't think they should legally be able to have the 1. Having driven the asthmatic 1. If anyone pays 15k for this then I will reserve a special kind of slap for them. There are countless better cars for that money, cry cry pre-reg or under 10k miles, but cry cry much better. We use cookies to improve and personalise your browsing experience, to perform analytics and research, and to provide social media features.

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By continuing to use our site, you accept our Privacy Policy. More information Agree. Posted 18th Oct Posted 18th Oct. Skoda Karoq SE Tech 1. Skoda Karoq Estate 1. Morleyofski Been told there are none of these left. Posted 31st Aug Posted 31st Aug. Here is the cheapest two year personal lease deal I can currently … Read more. Guzzle Get deal Get deal. I am worried about the long journeys thewolf8u You muppet, the prices have changed lol JJbobstacle Back to school for you. It is ! Posted 13th Aug Posted 13th Aug. Pretty good lease offer.

Posted 3rd Jul Posted 3rd Jul. Deal includes free delivery, road tax, breakdown insurance … Read more. DevK I wish it was this simple!

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BattleBeast1 I bought a late facelift Grand Vitara a few months ago the last of the UK models ,very happy with it Posted 24th Jun Posted 24th Jun. BobbySav88 17 Get deal Get deal. Can you guide. Posted 4th Jun Posted 4th Jun. The dealer is Mercedes Be… Read more. Kie4King 14 Get deal Get deal.

hot uk deals car finance Hot uk deals car finance
hot uk deals car finance Hot uk deals car finance
hot uk deals car finance Hot uk deals car finance
hot uk deals car finance Hot uk deals car finance
hot uk deals car finance Hot uk deals car finance

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