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This is an Industry Wide Standard Process. For Safety and Efficiency reasons, we are unable to make exceptions to this procedure. Marking individual boxes in a unique manor would slow down our automated shipping line and cause confusion. All shipments received by us, for stock, may have been dyed at different times by all manufacturers. While we reserve the right to substitute Equal or Better of the same item order, We most often will swap the entire run of the item ordered for a different Brand or Dye Lot.

This will make sure that all of your colors will match. Combed Cotton is a cotton that has been further processed in the factory to help reduce shortened fibers like split ends which produces a stronger and softer garment over all. We suggest you order 1 of each so you know the difference for future orders. Hot Dryers shrink fabrics even further. Please note that buying another brand or from another wholesaler, does not reduce shrinkage.

Most often, clothing manufacturers have already compensated for these fabrics in their patterns. The Number you provide on your order form may end up delaying your shipment if we can not reach you prior to 1pm, and further delay your shipment if you do not respond to messages left by our staff. Those fees are at our discretion and described herein, and include Exchanges as well. Place your order on-line, Your shipping Costs and Options will be displayed prior to you being asked for your credit card, billing or personal information.

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You may select different options and receive different UPS costs right on line. The 3 digit code, located near your signature on the back of your credit card, is currently the industry standard to assist in the reduction of credit card frauds. Please have your code handy when placing your order. We only ship to Billing Address "same day"? No Restocking Fees. Customer is only responsible for Shipping and the Re-stockable Resale-able condition of the Product they Returned.

Your RA may take up to 2 business days to receive by email, then please follow the specific instructions provided. Then, you may place your order on line for your Exchange items. This fee is necessary to cover our costs incurred with placing any order in to our system. Once placed it immediately enters the shipping department and receives customer services. There are no exceptions, but, we suggest you email us at once if you are caught in this situation.

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Industry standard is decided by the Manufacturers'. It is the guidelines which all Brands follow and implement in order to service the garment industry with some consistency. There are very few exceptions to Industry Standard. Sampling is good, if your order calls for exact sizing. This saves time and money for us both. Did Not Receive your order in less than 5 Business Days? Unless you were contacted by us, your shipment may be lost. Current Banking Laws restrict merchants' rights, so we are unable to take such risks on our small wholesale margins.

We apologize in advance for this inconvenience, but, this policy also protects the cardholder from any fraudulent use of their card by a 3rd party. We pass the savings on to you if you choose not to use a credit card for your transaction. Service Representative. Your CALL. Customers are responsible for all shipping costs when returning or exchanging items after 60 days. This Policy is strictly enforced.

Utility Items. Our Health Department has a strict 1 day return policy. This policy is strictly enforced. If you would like to use your return as a credit, it may be applied to any new order within 7 days. Your RA may take up to 2 business days to receive. Then, you may place your order.

Orders received by us, after EST,. UPS provided shipping charts estimate delivery days that do not. When you do, enclosed you will find a Tracking. We use industry standard SSL encryption for. We are certified.

Please help us verify your access request

All information collected is transmitted over. Your payment information is NOT stored anywhere on our servers. If our information practices. If you are concerned about. PayPal using your credit cards on their site to complete your order on our site. Are you having trouble finding something on our website?

Perhaps you simply have a question that you would like. To do so, we've created a new way to get the best reply. It is your best option every weekday. Please, Go ahead and give it a try! You will be best served by placing one of the following keywords. General Customer. No matter what your need s , please feel free to leave us a Message,.

Our 24 Hr Message Center is reviewed frequently. We will gladly direct your message to the.

Simply fill out the form below to send us a message today. Or, you may also choose to leave us a message at our 24 Hr Message. For all contacts, Please leave your name, telephone number,. No matter what your need s , please feel free to leave us a Message, 7 days a week. Our 24 Hr Message Center is reviewed frequently throughout each day. We will gladly. Or, you may also choose to leave us a message at our 24 Hr Message Center.

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